Dorothy currently offers two workshops:

Human Marks
The marks we make record time and human energy. Working with paper and cloth, this workshop examines different kinds of marks including stitching, resist and batik, discharge, drawn and painted marks and more unconventional marks such as burning, piercing, and mending. Each of these address a different aspect of physical movement and gesture that through time and repetition evolve into richly activated surfaces. Simple bookbinding techniques will be demonstrated for constructing book forms and participants will be able to expand on workshop experiments applying them to their own materials and imagery. Resource material includes slide talks, examples, and videos.

In Place: Observing, Recording, Making
Place is where we are right now. Observing......In this workshop, part of the day will be spent outside experiencing place through tuning into your senses and carrying out exercises in collecting, walking, mapping, sitting, listening, and touching

Recording....We will examine how as artists we collect and record information that builds a base for studio work. Small handmade journals will be constructed and used for recording.

Making.... Back in the studio, these experiences, recordings, and collections will be translated onto cloth and paper through stitching, rubbings, dyeing, stencils and other methods.

Participants should be prepared to spend time outside as well as in the studio.

Workshop Schedule 2017

Crow Art Retreats Baltimore, Ohio
May 22-26 and May 29- June 2

Sewanee, Tennessee
"Human Marks" June 6-16

Masseria della Zingara
Puglia, Italy
"In Place" September25 - 29

Workshops 2017